Business Description:

We are called Witch and Shaman and we hand make botanical recycled 925 sterling silver jewellery from cast plants such as gumnuts, twigs and ferns, and ethically sourced crystals, along with botanical resin designs encased in our recycled silver (made using eco resin for surfboards and hand picked and pressed flora), botanically dyed clothing from either upcycled fabrics or new garments from organic hemp, cotton or linen, along with homegrown and organic smudge sticks and occasionally the odd baby white sage, mugwort or other medicinal plants which double as display and stock.

Additionally as I am a full qualified naturopath, I’ve also designed a range of organic/ wildcrafted tea blends, balms and other potions.  We are also able to do either a gazebo or a trestle table.

Everything we embody is working as one with nature and we just love to showcase the abundance of uses she has to offer us!

We do also have a website if you’d like to check out the things we create!