Stonegarden Vases

Stonegarden Vases
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Stonegarden Vases
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We manufacture Ikebana Flower Spikes  known as Stayput Flower Aids.  Stayputs have been made in Australia for over seventy years and we are the only known manufacturer within Australia.

Invented in Japan over 100 years ago for use in the art of Ikebana flower arrangement, Stayputs or ‘kenzans’, as they were originally known, have been used ever since to support flowers in traditional vases.

In conjunction with the manufacture of Ikebana Flower Spikes, we also produce Slate Ikebana Vases, specifically designed to accommodate Stayput flower aids. The union has achieved sensational success due to simple and spectacular flower arrangement based on the ancient art of Ikebana.

All that is needed for any user is a few colourful stems to create an amazing, artistic and professional look.  Ideal for beginners that want to create a colourful look in their home or for the more experienced flower arranger or florist to create their masterpieces.

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