Art Circus

Art Circus
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Art Circus
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Description of your business/goods.: Dreamed-up out of an award-winning career in the arts, Creative Director Shane O’Brien has formed a curious collective of talented designers who lovingly produce unique collections of limited-edition diaries, notebooks, greeting cards + print wrap. ArtCircus is a family-owned brand, lovingly run by siblings, Shane and Lisa O’Brien

Celebrating individuality and encouraging creativity: All of our products are designed to allow for self-expression and to encourage curiosity – which we believe will open doors to a more creative, purposeful life. Our ranges are continually evolving – sampling new ideas and trends in fashion, interiors and design – yet we walk to the beat of our own drum, always striving for originality and something a little different.

Quality + style meets sustainability: With a superior level of quality, finish and craftsmanship, our stationery and paper products are made to last, reflecting our fastidious attention to detail. We operate with the bigger picture in mind, ensuring our ranges are always environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and inspire purpose. We only print with FSC paper, sourced from managed forests, so to minimise the impact to established ecosystems.

We exist to support emerging Australian artists: By purchasing from ArtCircus, you are supporting the livelihoods of our collective who can continue to inspire others through their practice. A percentage of all profits are given back to these creatives, and we promote their incredible work on our instagram page: @art_circus

Our very first collection is titled Emergence, and features curated art, photography + written content, that has a powerful message about coming into your own + celebrating who you are.

ArtCircus is vibrant, artistic, joyful … playful, curious and fun. Oh, and we don’t do generic – not ever.

Instagram –  @art_circus