Lazy Girl Green

Lazy Girl Green
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Lazy Girl Green
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Lazy Girl Green was born our if one mums curiosity in her current skincare mixed with with absolute laziness in the skincare routine. After turning 25 (read 30) she thought it was time to
up her game and get back to basics… at least.

So with some research and some comparisons to witchcraft coming from onlookers, beautiful basic beauty products were born. After making for family and friends for over a year Casey (head lazy girl and creator) got sick of them pestering her to release into the big wide world and so with lots of trepidation and lots of help… here we are!

Lazy Girls’ first release includes natural synthetic/preservative free face pack, with a beautiful face oil and face mask as well as multi use rollerball blends. With these staples established LGG has introduced delightful body scrubs, body oils, bath salts, handmade muslin washers & the
genius SCRUBE. Scrub + Cube = SCRUBE 🙂 A single use cube of body scrub thoughtfully package recycled paper.

Lazy Girl Green sources high quality raw material, mostly organic, ALL vegan and 100% Pure Essential Oils.

Lazy Girl Casey is passionate about the environment and living a low tox greener life. We will use minimal plastics, be mindful of our packaging and make sure to reuse and recycle. Casey loves to make products that have multiple uses to eliminate packaging waste.

Lazy Girl products and supplies are only ever tested on other Lazy Girls and never ever on animals.

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