June Gold Coin Donation – ARCH

I am absolutely thrilled to announce our charity for the June market isĀ ARCH. Just read about the amazing work they do:

(and check out their cute animals currently up for adoption)

ARCH was established in September 2013 and is a not-for-profit organisation that has an ongoing charitable purpose of working towards the rescue and re-homing of unwanted animals in the mid-north coast region of New South Wales. 

o Who are we:
ARCH is made up of members who actively manage the administrative side of the organisation. It also has foster carers who temporarily provide homes for animals that ARCH is responsible for whilst waiting for a permanent home. 

o How does it work:
ARCH is in close contact with country pounds and other rescue agencies and with their help we take in animals that mostly have been scheduled for euthanasia. We arrange for the animal registration and ownership transfer to ARCH and we place it with a suitable foster carer until a permanent home can be found.

o Where are we:
ARCH does not have kennels; all of our animals are placed with loving foster families. ARCH attends local markets and has fundraising events where we raise awareness of the need for the rescue agencies and responsible animal ownership.